BME [photo] 


  • 2015

    BME launches the first Portable charging Unit (PCU) for use in th Narrow reef environment at Anglo American Platinum's Tumela mine

  • 2014

    BME celebrates 30 years in business

  • 2013

    BME has 12 emulsion plants

    BME launches the Narrow reef emulsion system

  • 2012

    Omnia's patented PGAN (Porous Granular Ammonium Nitrate) plant commissioned to supply the Southern African market using raw materials from Omnia's nitric acid and ammonium nitrate facilities

    The 2nd Nitric Acid Complex is launched in Sasolburg, boosting South Africa's nitric acid output by 330 000 tons a year, bringing the country's capacity to about 1,4 million tons a year. This will ensure supply security for BME customers.

    BME developed a new generation of blasting software,
    BLASTMAP™ III an advanced blast and timing design software package.

  • 2010

    BME receives approval for accreditation as a Training Provider with the Mining Qualification Authority, leading to the offering of their Rock Breaking qualification

    First new generation AXXIS electronic detonator blasts was successfully fired

  • 2009

    Mauritania's 2nd emulsion plant commissioned

    BME commissions an emulsion plant in Zambia

    BME modern shocktube assembly plant and testing facilities commissioned

    BME starts the Used oil collection division to compliment use of used oil in emulsions

  • 2008

    Mali 3rd Plant commissioned

    BME commissions emulsion plant in Senegal

  • 2006

    New BME logo and branding

  • 2005

    Emulsion plant commissioned in Mauritania

    BME commissioned 2nd emulsion plant in Mali

  • 2004

    Commissioning of BME Losburg HEF plant

  • 2003

    BME enters sophisticated electronic detonator market with purchase of cutting-edge technology from French company DCI

  • 2000

    First plant in West Africa commissioned in Mali

    BME commissions it’s first international emulsion plant in East Africa in Tanzania

  • 1998

    BME started operating in Tanzania

    BME's 1st working uphole emulsion project commissioned at PMC Phalaborwa

  • 1995

    BME establishes a technical consulting division, Blastinfo, to provide advanced technical support to its clients

  • 1994

    BME builds and commissions the Megamite plant supplying cartridged explosive products to underground operations

  • 1992

    Diversified into underground explosives and accessories

  • 1991

    BME takes over full supply of bulk explosives products to Optimum Colliery, this placed BME as major supplier of bulk explosives to South African surface mines

    BME established an ANFO manufacturing and bagging plant near Rustenburg to expand its explosives product range

    Omnia establishes a porous prill ammonium nitrate facility at Sasolburg

  • 1988

    First Emulsion truck built by BME

  • 1987

    First Heavy Anfo Truck built by BME

    Dryden emulsion plant commissioned

    Omnia acquires BME from MSI to diversify into mining explosive's market

  • 1986

    BME started making use of used oil supplied by Sishen Iron Ore mine to reduce manufacturing cost of HEF emulsions and continues to make use of used oil in emulsions

  • 1985

    BME started making use of used oil supplied by Sishen Iron Ore mine to reduce manufacturing cost of HEF emulsions and continues to make use of used oil in emulsions

  • 1984

    MSI (Mining Services International. USA) starts business in SA supplying bulk explosives to Sishen by the establishment of BME. This business's basis was cold emulsion technology.