BME Electronic detonators [photo] 


AXXIS™ was developed in-house by BME and is a fully programmable, accurate and easy-to-use electronic delay detonator system. It is one of the safest initiation systems available. For safety, AXXIS™ offers full two-way communication between the blasting box and detonators. During detonator logging, there is no direct communication with the detonators. Using the AXXIS™ system, you can program AXXIS™ detonators to fire accurately at any time between 0 and 10000 ms at one millisecond intervals. You can fire up to 600 detonators from one AXXIS™ Blasting Box.

  • AXXIS™ Smart Line-tester

    The AXXIS™ Smart Line Tester is a small low current device that is used to test a surface line, and which has a number of detonators connected to it for leakage, current consumption, and functionality.

  • AXXIS™ Blasting Box

    The AXXIS Blasting Box can be used as a stand-alone unit with a blasting line connected directly to the detonators, or in a wireless configuration with two or more AXXIS™ Blasting Boxes.

  • AXXIS™ GII™ detonator

    The AXXIS™ GII™ detonator is a standard size detonator that will function in all standard sized boosters also used in non-electric blasting. AXXIS™ GII™ detonators use 2-core double insulated downline cables. Higher resistance to electrostatic discharge and high induced ground currents make the GII™ detonator safer to use in all mining conditions.

  • AXXIS™ Logger

    The AXXIS™ Logger is a small, robust unit that is used to scan each detonator connector and allocate a delay period to that connector. The unit has a touch screen interface and a numeric keypad for entering detonator firing time values and connector IDs (should this be necessary if a connector has been damaged). The AXXIS™ Logger can be used directly to programme delays by blasters, but can also be used in conjunction with BLASTMAP™ III.


    Complete blast planning, design and analysis software. Powerful, Easy to Use, Flexible, Accurate. BLASTMAP™ III is software for designing blast timing for use with AXXIS. It is a powerful and modern software that allows design of the blasts from hole layouts to charge quantities, deck charging and blast timing. Read more