BME Electronic detonators [photo] 


The AXXIS™ Underground Centralized Blasting System allows underground mining operations to initiate blasts from a safe and convenient place on surface. The system allows real-time local monitoring with remote access monitoring capabilities. The monitoring features built into the system ensures that an up-to-date AXXIS™ Centralized Blasting System status and overview is available. This feature greatly improves the pre-and post-blasting decision-making processes.

The AXXIS™ Underground CBS is compatible with AXXIS™ GII™ electronic detonator. Leverage off the AXXIS™ technology, the system is able to initiate electronic and non-electric detonators, maximising productivity.

The AXXIS™ Electronic Centralised Blastsing System is based on the reliable and proven blasting electronics used in the BME Underground Centralised Blasting System and consists of the following components: Centralised Blasting Box, Centralised Blasting Box, Portable Control Box and the AXXIS™ CBS Logger.

The AXXIS™ system was developed in-house at BME, one of the largest explosives companies in Africa and listed on the JSE through its holding company Omnia. BME provides the AXXIS™ technology and associated technical support to the international market either directly or through various distributors.

  • AXXIS™ Portable Control Unit

    The AXXIS™ Portable Control Unit is designed as a portable blasting unit, in the event of the main unit being faulty, for controlled centralized firing of the AXXIS™ Centralized Blasting Boxes underground. The AXXIS™ Portable Control Unit is designed for controlled firing of up to 100 AXXIS™ Centralized Blasting Boxes.

  • AXXIS™ CBS Logger

    The AXXIS™ CBS Logger is a portable device that is used to read the UID and allocate delays to the AXXIS™ EDDs that will be used for blasting.

  • AXXIS™ Centralized Blasting Box

    The AXXIS™ Centralized Blasting Box is specifically designed for the AXXIS™ CBS and is remotely controlled from the AXXIS™ Centralized Control Box installed on surface.

  • AXXIS™ Centralized Control Box

    The AXXIS™ Centralized Control Box is designed for Centralized firing of AXXIS™ Centralized Blasting Boxes. Additionally, it continuously monitors and has a dedicated uplink with all connected AXXIS™ Centralized Blasting Boxes underground and provides a real-time system status overview.

  • AXXIS™ GII™ detonator

    The AXXIS™ GII™ detonator is a standard size detonator that will function in all standard sized boosters also used in non-electric blasting. AXXIS™ GII™ detonators use 2-core double insulated downline cables. Higher resistance to electrostatic discharge and high induced ground currents make the GII™ detonator safer to use in all mining conditions.