BME [photo] 

XPLOLOG™ Surface

BME knows how important it is to gather blasting information in the field for management to be presented with real-time data, to make informed decisions about blast preparation quality and blast outcomes. This is presented through the reporting dashboard which allows management to monitor and react to problems in the field when they occur.

Our XPLOLOGTM platform integrates with BLASTMAPTM III software, allowing users to view, edit and sync planned and actual data captured to a cloud database. This integration of data allows you to use the powerful blasting simulation and prediction modules in BLASTMAPTM III to further analyse and improve blast outcomes on real data.

Real-time data over local networks (GSM/WIFI) mean that the process can be monitored remotely and dipping, priming, charging and stemming procedures can be effeciently co-ordinated. This technology digitizes the pre-blast process, reducing human error, increasing effeciency and ensuring reliable results.


  • Supply of IP-68 (dust and waterproof) mobile device
  • Import design data from any blast design software
  • List-view of current blocks
  • Summary view of pre-blast progress on a selected block
  • Graphical representation of blast hole positions and status
  • Recording of dipping, priming, charging, top up and stemming data based on your planned design
  • Indicate blast hole discrepancies
  • Supports multiple deck patterns
  • Tolerance and max/min limit checks
  • Leveraging cloud-computing to recalculate values that are out of the pre-blast sequence
  • Real-time syncing to a cloud-hosted database over GSM or WIFI
  • Adding of unplanned blast holes
  • Website dashboard (Reporter)
    • Real-time view of actual block progress
    • Graphical view of the block highlighting dipping, priming, charging, top up, stemming and alerts progress
    • Tolerence checking
    • Graphs indicating a holistic view of the variance for specification function (under, over and correctly charged holes)
    • Export pre-blast data to CSV
    • Access to audit data for accurate customer invoicing