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BME expertise to reduce blast vibrations for Singapore Rail Project

SA-based blasting leader BME is supplying advanced detonators and expertise to Rock Busters PTE LTD, a Blasting Specialist sub-contractor to Samsung C&T. for the construction of Land Transport Authority (Singapore) Caldecott Station, T213 Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL T213) to blast with the least possible vibration impact – protecting nearby tunnels, skyscrapers and other sensitive structures on the land constrained city-state.

Umesh Chhika, general manager for Asia Pacific and strategic projects at BME, said the company has been engaged to provide electronic detonation systems and related technical advice to ensure low-vibration blasting in the 35 metre-deep box cut, from which three more rail tunnels will be developed.

He said the special requirements of the project suited BME’s specialised expertise in electronic detonation services and products.

“We have made huge strides in advancing the field of controlled blasting through our digital blasting systems,” said Chhika. “Electronic delay detonators play a vital role in controlled blasting, especially when used in conjunction with our in-house AXXIS digital initiation system and supporting software.”

The timing flexibility of the AXXIS system supports the detonation of small, multiple charges in each blasthole to keep vibration levels down, he said, and the accuracy of the timing between individual charges allows vibrations to be predicted accurately and reliably. 

The TEL project is a 43 km underground rail line between the existing Thomson and Eastern Region commuter lines in Singapore, and will add 31 new stations to the existing rail network. The first phase of the facility is expected to start operating in 2019.

“To further enhance our controlled blasting techniques, BME employs its own BLASTMAP™ III software to plan complex timing designs and also analyse the results for each blast,” said Chhika. “Our extensive experience – which earned us this contract – includes blasting for various civil blasting contracts.”

BME’s advisory services will therefore augment the company’s products and software to ensure the success of their contribution.