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The powerful combination of mobile computing and ‘cloud’ data storage is starting to transform safety and productivity on mines that embrace technology, according to BME senior software developer Nicky Klacar.

There was heartening news for mines and miners at this year’s BME Annual Drilling and Blasting Conference in Pretoria – with views that commodity prices may be turning, and news of innovations that will save mines money as they struggle to stay profitable.

In South Africa’s increasingly water-scarce and environmentally regulated mining industry, BME’s emulsion explosives help keep nitrates out of mine water – preventing possible groundwater contamination and allowing optimal recycling of water on site.

Omnia Holdings Limited today announces that it is increasing its all-cash per share offer price by C$0.03 to C$0.25 per share under its offer to purchase all the common shares of Nordex.

On August 3, 2016, Omnia Holdings Limited, through its mining division in the name of BME, officially launched an all-cash offer to purchase all of the outstanding common shares of Nordex Explosives Ltd. at Cdn$0.22 per Share.

Delivering high-quality bulk emulsion explosive to a remote island in the Atlantic Ocean – and ensuing problem-free blasting for a two-year project – has proved BME’s ability to design and manufacture a safe and reliable product suited to the most demanding conditions.

Rocketing electricity prices are leading many mines to look at ways of reducing the energy consumed by loading, crushing and milling equipment – through better blasting techniques that deliver finer fragmentation.

Daunia Open Cut coal mine in the north-eastern state of Queensland, Australia, has broken the world record for the largest electronic detonator blast ever – firing 5,665 detonators in 2,683 blastholes using the AXXIS digital detonation system from BME.