BME technical services [photo] 

Technical services

BME delivers a wide range of service packages that deliver real quantifiable value through optimal blasts by leveraging BME’s knowledge base and best in class technology, products, and equipment. Additional customized services are available to meet unique customer requirements. Visit for more information.



BME DTH service delivers INNOVEX, our high-quality, reliable bulk emulsion explosives, to blast holes, using our mobile manufacturing units (MMU). We ensure fit-for-purpose products are pumped to achieve improved and consistent fragmentation.

Clients can also make use of BME’s extensive range of initiating systems and our market-leading AXXIS electronic detonation system. Blast quality can be further enhanced by using BME’s BLASTMAP™ III software.

Diagram Down the hole [diagram]



BME’s PLTS service is designed for customers who require BME’s team to perform a full blasting service. This service ensures that skilled resources are available to the customer to achieve the best blasting results.

This service option is ideal for companies whose core business is not blast planning and execution. BME takes on the responsibility for the full operation, safety, and management of the blast service.


Diagram Prime load[diagram]



In this comprehensive service to the client, BME takes full responsibility from blast design to analysing fragmented rock (excluding drilling), allowing the client to outsource this function with value being measured on fragmentation quality and volume of broken rock. We provide the materials, equipment and skilled staff required to deliver cost-effective and quality blasting, allowing the client to focus on their core business.

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BME’s exclusive M2M service offering delivers the full range of benefits across the mining value chain. Blast designs can be optimised to achieve required fragmentation, blast movement, and muckpile shape, delivering improved loading, crushing, and milling rates. M2M will reduce overall mining costs by ensuring that downstream productivity is increased. The customer can be assured that the professionals who design the blasts and those who apply the designs in the field will be competent and fully conversant with the project requirements.

Benefits include closer management of downstream costs and overall systems optimisation, offering a cradle-to-grave view of the entire mining process in consultation with mine and plant personnel.

Diagram Mine-to-mill [diagram]